Thursday, December 31, 2009

DBM's Highlights from 2009

Doug's Blog - Highlights from 2009
Said goodbye to the office at 305 Washington Ave in Towson and hello to the purchase of our new office condo in Towson, a new build out and moved in during the fall.

The Leverage conference in Colorado which gathers worldwide innovative thinkers and creatives was a huge success and a great time to give back to the world.

The Bill Collector screenings in Colorado, Denver and VA Beach went very well. Wrapped up the Bill Collector Film and web site,

Produced a CMS, Drupal site for Central Presbyterian Church.

Produced a Merchant site for Just Partners. http://www.viablefuturescenter.comContinued to work in and enjoy 7 year relationship as Video and New Media Producer for Ebay's Bill Me Later.

Wrapped up the production of the new TV show for JHM' "Discoveries of Israel." 2010 DBM will be working on the next episode, "City of David."
type in key word: Discoveries of Israel

Encore Path recruited DBM to produce their premiere training video for Tailwind,

rehibiltaion device for stroke survivors.

Great year for the Producer's Guild of America. "Produced By" conference in LA was outstanding. Held on the Sony and Columbia lots, fun and le

arning was had by all! New DC, Maryland, VA chapter recruitment is off the ground. PGA has asked me to help get the guild introduced to the National Capital area.

Towson University, my alma mater and the University where I taught in the Mass Communications and Electronic Media and Film Department, invited me back to guest lecture this year. Fun group and insightful time with the students recapping the last 20 years as a film, new media and video producer.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Produced By Conference in Los Angeles was a big hit!

The Produced by conference was a big hit. On the Sony and Paramount lots, producers met over 3 days of best talks in show biz.

My favorite producers were there and we had a blast!

DBM speaks at Leverage Conference in Colorado Springs

DBM in Colorado Springs at Leverage Conference. Communication innovators came in from all over the world to speak and work with each other over the 2 days.

DBM visits ICVM

DBM visited ICVM in Colorado where we pre-screened The Bill Collector the movie to a full crowd. Great time to meet distributors and other filmmakers.

The Bill Collector crew reunite in Colorado at the 2nd
pre-screening. One of the stars from the movie, Gary Moore,
poses with Alex Kendrick from Fireproof.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Blog DBM

January 2, 2009
2008 in review...

  • Doug has been enjoying family time together at home and on the road. He's also been enjoying being an executive producer/ producer on the film: "The Bill Collector"
  • "The Pizza King" (an independent short soon to be feature)
  • "Journey of Discovery" (about Lewis and Clark)
  • "Discoveries of Israel" (an inspirational documentary about Israel for a ministry in Texas)
  • As well as participating in different meetings and events with the Producer's Guild of America (PGA) on the East Coast (NYC) and the West Coast (LA).